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If you’re used to living in your car during the week, it’s going to get a little messy. But, with a few small changes you can keep your car clean and organized even when you’re on the go.

Bob Tomes Ford, your Ford dealer in McKinney, Texas, understands the importance of a clean and organized car. We’re here to provide you with a few ideas on how you can do this. Keep reading for four tips.

Keep Food Out

The truth is that If you eat in the car, crumbs are going to get into nooks and crannies, especially that area between the seat and middle console. The only way to keep it clean is avoid eating behind the wheel.

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Clean Up

It’s not always possible to avoid eating in your car. When you have to eat and go, take a few extra seconds to pick up wrappers, bags, bottles, etc. Following this tip will lend to less time vacuuming the interior and more time for other activities.

Keep a Trash Sack

Even if you throw out your trash every night after work, keeping a small bin or sack inside the car is a good habit to start. Having a designated spot for trash can keep you from accidentally spilling the remnants of your soda on the leather seats and can especially come in handy during a road trip.

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Don’t Store Clothes

Leaving coats, jackets, shoes and other clothing items in the car will only make it cluttered and take up room. Store them in the trunk out of the way.

Wash Floor Mats

Whether you have plastic or upholstered floor mats, cleaning them regularly, even if you just throw them in the wash or quickly wipe them down, can extend the life of your mats.

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